Sustainable Washable Face Mask

These are sustainable, washable protective face masks which have the potential to prevent the entry of airborne particles. As an initiative to help the crisis, for every face mask purchased, KES will donate one face mask to a healthcare professional. - Unisex - Adjustable drawstrings to tie - Features interior pocket for filter inserts - Offered in double-layered, soft breathable materials that provide protection and breathability: - 100% Silk Charmeuse in Black, Natural, Cloud, Dusk Berry, Military, - Printed 100 % Silk Charmeuse Cobalt Blue Print, Black Print - Light Cotton in Natural, Black - Gingham in Red, White - Available in KIDS sizes - 100% Silk Charmeuse - Light Cotton - Gingham Cotton (VIEW FACE MASK COLLECTION HERE) Orders will be fulfilled in 5 days These items cannot be returned or canceled ____ ABOUT KES FACE MASK INITIATIVE In a response to the severity of the global crisis, KES is working on initiatives to contribute to the aid of this pandemic. In collaboration with Dr. Galit Sacajiu MD MPH, KES is committed to help in the shortage of face masks and have thoughtfully designed protective face masks for healthcare personnel and our community. By providing supplies, we aim to offer our health care forces with the sufficient protection gear they need to fight the fast-spreading virus. ____ How to wear — We recommend pulling the ribbon above the ears over the head and rushing the side tunnels as desired. For maximum safety tie strings around the neck tightly. Disclaimer — The Masks produced by KES NYC are not satisfactory for treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Our goal is to help free up the use of CDC-compliant medical masks for the purpose of treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms. The mask produced by KES NYC are designed to be a substitute for surgical masks. Care — Once the mask is soiled, you should remove the face mask, and hand-wash the mask in warm water, minimum of 80F (27C) and detergent, then hang to dry. For machine wash use the delicate cycle, then hang to dry as well. Wash you