Emma Lewisham

Supernatural Sleeping Mask

At Mecca
The MECCA view: Beauty sleep in a bottle. The pioneering Sleeping Mask is a highly concentrated, at-home skin treatment for dramatically elevated results in skin regeneration. Specialised Gardenia Jasminoides Extract works by enhancing the skin's natural night-time restoration by boosting the activation of our skin's melatonin receptors, which trigger night-time cellular repair, renewal and regeneration processes. While you sleep, 22 active ingredients work to powerfully rejuvenate the skin - regenerating collagen, stimulating cell turnover, removing toxins and repairing the skin barrier for visibly brighter, plumper, firmer and deeply nourished skin by morning. A unique combination of lipopeptides, antioxidants, ceramides and specialised energy molecules work to restore the skin's structure. Their dual action effect helps increase collagen and elastin production while simultaneously protecting its degradation, for plump, supple and firm skin. Our cutting-edge brightening complex gently dissolves the ‘glue’ that binds dead skin cells and our triple action hydrating complex delivers a dramatic increase in skin moisture for up to 3 days. Designed to work synergistically with the skin, this skin-elevating formula taps into and amplifies our natural night-time skin cycle to unlock unparalleled results.