Super Dry & Detox Shampoo Set ($54 Value)

At Nordstrom
What it is: A limited-edition set featuring full sizes of OUAI's absorbent Super Dry Shampoo and the clarifying Detox Shampoo. Set includes: - Full-size Super Dry Shampoo (4.5 oz.): a super-absorbent dry shampoo that instantly soaks up excess oil and revives volume and body while leaving hair feeling clean and healthy. - Full-size Detox Shampoo (10 oz.): a clarifying shampoo that deeply cleanses away dirt, oil and product buildup with apple cider vinegar while keratin helps strengthen hair. How to use: Use Detox Shampoo whenever a deeper cleanse is needed. Thoroughly wet your hair from roots to ends with lukewarm water. Squeeze out excess moisture then lather a quarter-size amount in your hands. Part your hair using your fingers and apply as close to the scalp as possible. Let sit for 1–3 minutes, then rinse. Squeeze out excess moisture before following with your conditioner. Shake Super Dry Shampoo well before use. Apply about a can's length away from your head. Hold the can at an angle and focus on aiming the nozzle at the scalp, roots and hairline. Once applied, rub into your hair. The rubbing action will help blend the dry shampoo into both your scalp and hair.