Stealth Align Foam Roller – Deep Tissue Back Massage, Myofascial Release And Trigger Point Therapy

Stealth Align by Muuvsport is an elite made in the USA foam roller exclusively engineered to unlock your power and potential. Ideal for aligning the back, providing deep muscle tissue massage and increasing maximum range of motion. Ordinary foam rollers are small in diameter and lack design with limited effectiveness. The Stealth Align foam roller is designed with a unique center core to provide an elevated cradle your body comfort feeling. Key equipment selection is essential to feeling restored and performing at the highest level. Feel the difference today with a Stealth Align!! Legal Disclaimer: Stealth Align by Muuvsport is neither considered a medical device nor intended as a treatment for medical conditions. Stealth Align does not cure medical ailments or illnesses of any kind. No information provided by Stealth Align, Muuvsport manufacturer or its distributors, whether written or verbal or provided in these instructions, in any marketing material, in websites or otherwise, is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Ask your health care professional if Stealth Align is right for you. The Stealth Align has not been evaluated by the FDA.