Star Wars Box

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Chose a side in 2022 Playtime hangs in the balance! Develop your Jedi™ skills with The Jedi™ Box or succumb to your inner Sith™ with The Bark Side Box. Whichever path you choose, you’re about to embark on the most thrilling adventures in the galaxy. Get Started Which playtime path will your pup choose? Featured toy The Droid You're Looking For Surprise toy inside! R2-D2™ isn't your dog's only hope for playtime—if your dog rips this droid, a squeakret message will bring even more adventure! Featured toy Bark It Up, Fuzzball! Chewie™ may be a bit scruffy looking, but he’s no playtime cheat (except maybe when it comes to Dejarik). Either way, he could use a good lick. Featured toy Obey Your Master Remove Vader’s helmet to reveal his true face. Now your dog must choose. Will they accept Anakin’s last squeak of defeat? Or will revenge lead them to the Bark Side? Featured toy AT-AT™ Imperial Dog Walker The Empire has unleashed this armored hound on those pesky pups in the rebellion. Go forth with your grunt squeaker and crazy crinkle and totally crush playtime. Featured toy No Barkin', Young Jedi™ When it comes to playtime with Jabba the Hutt™, there will be no bargain. Squeakers and crazy crinkle are your pup’s bounty. Let the hunt begin! Featured treat Dagobah Doggo Bites Luminous treats are these! Our premium jerky is made with USA farm-raised pork (the main ingredient) and mouthwatering bacon, for a taste that will have your dog levitating with joy. BARKBOX VIDEO PRESENTS Choose Your Destiny MEET THE BARKBOX PACK #StarWars Become a more powerful pup than you can possibly imagine with the exclusive Star Wars™ collections. Show off your strength using #BarkBoxDay and #StarWars! WANT A BARKBOX? Sign Up Now! Join the pack today and get your own BarkBox. With a new theme each month, every BarkBox is a surprise! Get Started Give A Gift Explore More Themes Best of BarkBox It's literally the BEST Peek Inside