Splat Rebellious 30 Wash Hair Color

DON'T WANT TO BLEACH? NO PROBLEM Splat Midnight Semi-Permanent Color No Bleach Kit has been specially formulated to make coloring a little easier and less messy. The unique formula conditions your hair while you color and there's no bleach necessary (brunettes, we got you!) - which means the final reveal will be pure lustrous magic through 30 washes. � Kit contains everything needed for one-application � Best for Brunettes � Rich Velvet Color � Conditions while you color � WITH BAOBAB & QUINOA OIL Try all our Splat shades for a beautifully dangerous look. The power of color is in your hands. What color will you pick? Who is Splat? � Splat is manufactured by Developlus Inc. in the USA with headquarters located in Southern California � We're a Cruelty-Free Company! We do not do test on animals! � We're a Women's Owned Certified Business � We're Vegan Certified Splat Product: � Splat is a semi-permanent color that washes out in 20-30 washes � Results will depend on porosity and condition of your hair � Formula contains conditioners and panthenol to improve moisture retention � Specially developed formula for vivid and dramatic colors even on dark shades � *Strand test: We advise that you test a small section of your hair first to determine how long you want to keep your color in. � Video tutorials and hair ideas at: https://www.splathaircolor.com/tutorials/ SPLAT 30 WASH NO BLEACH KIT INCLUDES Everything you need for extremely vivid color! � 6 FL OZ HAIR COLOR � RECONSTRUCTING CONDITIONER � INSTRUCTIONS & GLOVES 2 kits may be needed for very long or thick hair