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Soak And Smoke Grill Crate

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Story Un-char-ted territory Once a backyard chef has mastered point-A-to-point-BBQ with gas or charcoal, it's time to embark on a journey of exploration. To reach the next level of grill mastery, he must venture away from Comfort Zone Island and grab a one-way ticket to Flavorville. That's home to a wide variety of cooking techniques, including grilling with wood. The Soak and Smoke Grill Crate has all the essentials he needs to infuse meats with mouthwatering, smoky flavor. Who knows? With a little practice, he may get so good at cooking with wood that the good people of Flavorville elect him mayor. The path to true mmm-inducing smokiness starts with the soakable, smokable wood planks and chips in The Soak and Smoke Grill Crate. Where There's Smoke, There's Flavor: The set of 11.5" x 5.5" cedar wood and alder wood planks let him slowly roast seafood, meats, and vegetables in their own juices. They give food a subtle, smoky taste—with no need to add fat or oil, plank you very much. Also chipping in on this flavor expedition are the wood chips, made of 100% hickory and 100% oak. The Oak chips have been bathed in bourbon to offer a sweet tang. We're jealous. He has to have something to hold the wood chips, so we've included a cast-iron smoker box. It works with charcoal or gas grills. Warning: it does not work with mouth grills. The book Project Fire by grilling guru Steven Raichlen is a veritable treasure trove of grillicious recipes. Cedar Planked Pears with Amaretti and Marscapone? Sign us up!