Snow Flower Heritage Set

At Sulwhasoo
A snow flower is known for its tenacity, resilience and remarkable vitality of blossoming even in the midst of the coldest winter days. Since its birth, Korea's iconic luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo has gained its inspiration from the snow flower. Today, the brand continues to celebrate and honor the remarkable beauty and strength of a woman that resembles that of a snow flower, and her ability to blossom through the ups and downs of life. Snow Flower Heritage Set features two exclusive products that have, until now, only been sold in the renowned Sulwhasoo flagship store in Seoul, South Korea. Both delivering the exquisite scent of a plum blossom, Plum Blossom Perfume Oil resembles the vitality and value of the flower, announcing the coming of spring and new beginnings. Plum Blossom Hand Cream features a combination of natural Korean herbal oils that deliver moisture, leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth. Set Includes Plum Blossom Perfume Oil 30ml Plum Blossom Hand Cream 40ml How To: Plum Blossom Perfume Oil: Apply a drop or two of the scented oil onto inner wrists, neckline, or even the dry tip of your hair for long-lasting subtle fragrance and moisture. Plum Blossom Hand Cream: Regularly apply to dry hands, as needed throughout the day.