Sex and Mischief

S&m Heart Beat Crop

At Adam and Eve
Naughty Crop Lets You Dole Out Discipline With Love! Spank, stroke, tickle, caress, tease – there’s so many ways to play with your lover when you hold the Sex & Mischief Heart Beat Crop. Fun and sexy heart-shaped crop Heart crop is dual-sided for twice the fun Smooth side is great for spanking and teasing Crop’s criss-crossing satin ribbon side great for caressing Beautiful bow and cubic zirconia jewel details Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use Wrist loop Be racy and romantic with this wild crop! The Sex & Mischief Heart Beat Crop sets the mood for a lovingly naughty night. Its heart-shaped head looks so sweet with satin ribbon details and even a tiny sparkling jewel. But when you swish it through the air to give your lover’s bottom a tap, you’ll both feel how dirty this crop can be. It’s lightweight, and its center handle can flex in either direction for better handling and improved sensations. Pair with other props like a blindfold and bondage ties to create a full-on kinky encounter. Makes a great gift.