Four Roses Bourbon

Single Barrel

At Drizly
Product Description If you want to talk about perseverance, Four Roses should be at the top of your list. Distilled since 1888, this smooth Kentucky bourbon survived Prohibition and a disappearance from U.S. shelves for over 40 years. Thankfully, its return to the market in the 1980s brought about several new products, but nothing quite as breathtaking as Four Roses Single Barrel. Although it almost sounds like bread making, this top-shelf bourbon has one of the more sophisticated distilling processes on the market, using corn, rye and five yeast strains to produce its rich, unique flavor. Single Barrel isn't merely a cocktail mixer. It's bourbon for people who know what bourbon's all about. That's why it's won several domestic and international taste competitions over the past decade. When you drink Four Roses Single Barrel, don't rely on your taste buds alone. Your sense of smell is actually 10,000 times more powerful than taste. While this isn't ideal at a festival, it does wonders for enjoying bourbon. Known as the nose, your first smell of this bourbon provides a floral, spicy, woody and fruity aroma with hints of caramel, vanilla, cocoa and maple syrup. When you bring it to your lips, it tacks on hints of plum and cherry while offering a robust, mellow and full-bodied finish. While these flavors may sound like they pair perfectly with a mixer or even breakfast, don't let anything sully its complexities. Drink neat or on the rocks for the true experience. View all products by Four Roses California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 WARNING