Silicone Collapsible Bowl Set

The perfect way to store your food! -. Collapsible Food Container Set has everything you need to keep your favorite dishes fresh and easy to carry. With the quick and easy access locking clip on the lids, and rubberized leak-proof silicone seal, your food will be kept fresher, longer, and it will be easy for you to carry. Silicone lunch containers pack everything from a salad to a sandwich in our space-saving design Collapsible Silicone Containers Set. With 4 different sizes, these containers are all freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. The containers can be collapsed for packing small items like sandwiches, or expanded for packing salads and larger items.The containers are that flexible. - They are made with premium food grade silicone that is FDA Approved &- BPA Free, as well as no warping, staining, or absorbing odors. Cleaning is also a breeze as they can be washed by hand, or in the dishwasher. A win-win solution for all. This set is perfect for your kitchen or packing food on the go. - Four Containers' Dimension:. 1200ml/41oz: 7''(L) x 7''(W) x 3''(H)- - 1.4'' (H)(fold). . 800ml/27oz: 6.3''(L) x 6.3''(W) x 2.8''(H)- - 1.2''(H)(fold). . 500ml/17oz: 5.5''(L) x 5.5''(W) x 2.6''(H)- - 1.2''(H)(fold). . 350ml/12oz: 4.7''(L) x 4.7''(W) x 2.6''(H)- - 1.2''(H)(fold). What we offer:. 1: Quality collapsible food containers 2: Efficient Amazon logistic 3: 3 months warranty 4: Life time aftersale service