Giorgio Armani

Sì Eau De Parfum

At Giorgio Armani Beauty
Si Eau De Parfum by Giorgio Armani Sì perfume is Armani beauty’s iconic fragrance. Timeless, elegant and sensual, the fruit scent embodies elegance, passion and modern femininity. Inspired by the soul of Giorgio Armani couture, Sì Eau De Parfum combines the sensuality of blackcurrant nectar, the elegance of modern chypre, and the warmth of musky white wood accord. The Sì woman says YES. Sì to Strength, Sì to Dreams, Sì to Freedom, Sì to Love and Sì to Myself. In Giorgio Armani's words, she is "an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit. The Armani Sì perfume bottle is simple yet unconventional in design. Striking yet refined, reflecting the woman who wears it. The Sì by Giorgio Armani scent range also includes a selection of curated variation of the Sì Eau De Parfum, including Sì Passione and Sì Intense. Keywords Feminine, Sensual, Elegant Benefits Perfume for the modern woman, sophisticated yet charismatic. Type How to Apply Sì Eau De Parfum. Apply on pulse point: wrist, inner elbow and neck.