Showerless Shampoo

*THIS PRODUCT WORKS DIFFERENTLY THAN A DRY SHAMPOO* Spray a small amount on your hair from 8 -10 inches from your scalp so that a fine mist coats your hair. Then TOWEL DRY your hair to remove the dirt. Next, air dry or blow dry excess moisture. (A quick blow dry will provide a more "finished" look.) GAME CHANGING Dry shampoo alternative that cleans your hair without suds, rinsing, or residue. TIME SAVING Unlike dry shampoo, it works well on VERY sweaty hair. No more planning your workouts around hair washing. CLEAN FORMULATION Vegan and cruelty free. No alcohol, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates or gluten. 99.4% all natural. LONG LASTING This size (2 oz.) should last 2-3 months.Safe for chemically treated hair, color treated hair, Keratin treated hair, and extensions. Dermatologist tested.