Black Acres Roastery

Seya Blend

At Black Acres Roastery
Origin: Brazil, Hondurus, Peru Tasting notes: Chocolate, citrus Process: Natural, Fully Washed Roast: Medium SEYA (pronounced say-ya) Is our signature blend that is an ode to the space of old and new that we roast in. At one time the building housed the Southeast Youth Academy, a nonprofit after-school safe haven for teens in Southeast Baltimore to enrich academic, social and cultural experience by providing scholastic support, creative programming, recreational activities, leadership training and opportunities for community service. One way to demonstrate what SEYA encompasses was to create a symbol that would do just that. That symbol was found to be a mural; which is still on the building today. The mural was created by the youth and for the youth with the leadership of local artist and mural expert Cinder Hypki. As told by Cinder the youth decided what they envisioned as being SEYA. Since the youth came from various cultures and backgrounds a strong tree was identified by family, something everyone could familIarize with. The tree is built on ying and yang to show the positive and negative of life. A diploma and book to signify the importance of academics. Music notes and people dancing signified the one activity the youth enjoyed the most. Lastly is the Puerto Rican flag which was most of the kids in attendance the day it was decided. The newly renovated space is home to SEYA CrossFit & Wellness. SEYA's purpose is to help their members train and achieve their health, wellness, and performance goals. It’s that simple. Working closely with athletes from all age groups, sports, and fitness levels, we combine objective programming to optimize fitness, endurance, and performance goals for the individual but in a class setting while building community and camaraderie. They focus on wellness and pay special attention to good health and healing for not only the body, but also for mind and spirit. We wanted to take both visions to create what we felt Seya Blend meant to us. Our bag design displays the family tree whi