Self Care Workbook

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Update: BACK IN STOCK! Thank you for your support! :) _____________________________ Going through a rough day? Let’s face it — not all days are bright and sunny. Some days, things just won’t go your way. And that’s completely okay! We’ve created something to keep you stress-proof. 💪 The Self Care for Bad days is a printable book filled with fun worksheets and self-care ideas. It includes mental and emotional exercises that will help you work through your frustrations, manage stress, and ease your anxieties. _____________________________ GET TO KNOW ME: ⭐️ Fun worksheets containing self-care ideas that you get as soon as you order ⭐️ Self-assessment tools to track and notice your emotions ⭐️ Calming exercises that will help you work through your frustrations and manage stress ⭐️ Reflection templates that help you uncover what’s really going on in your head _____________________________ Please note this is a PHYSICAL copy. If you would like a DIGITAL copy click here! Now, you have the ability to handle every lousy day without feeling completely powerless. Bad days have nothing on you! _____________________________ MORE GOODIES: 🌼 Self Care for Anxiety - Digital 🌼 Self Care for Stress - Digital 🌼 Self Care Daily Planner - Digital 🌼 Self Care Colouring Book - Digital 🌼 Self Care Colouring Book - Physical 🌼 Inspiration Tees 🌼 Gratitude Journal Printable 🌼 The Self Care Bundle