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Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set

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Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set This Product Is: a set of two silicone cups varying in size to tone and restore facial skin Good For: promoting increased blood circulation and improving skin elasticity Why We Love It: Province Apothecary Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set is a traditional beauty tool that promotes increased blood circulation, helps to relax facial tension and works to sculpt, tone and improve the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines. This facial cupping set gently pulls the skin away from deeper layers of fascia which works to revitalize the look of skin. This stimulating treatment may help reduce the appearance of dark circles while helping to rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin. *Facial cupping is an extremely effective and stimulating treatment. For that reason, we recommend not using them if you are experiencing any of the following conditions where you would use the cups: inflamed, irritated or damaged skin, broken capillaries, moles, skin tags, warts, severe acne, eczema, psoriasis, sores, undiagnosed lumps, melanoma, cancer or current use of blood thinners. Avoid high heat and sun exposure 12 hours after treatment. Do not leave cups suctioned on the skin without moving them as they will leave bruising.