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Santa Limpia Facial Scrub

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SKIN TYPE: DRY, COMBO, CYSTIC ACNE, ACNE SCARS AS SEEN ON GLAMOUR MAGAZINE An extra creamy facial cleanser made with Palo Santo and Maca Root. Santa Limpia was created with Palo Santo to cleanse all negativity from the day. Wether you engaged with negative energy or might have felt negative towards yourself. Palo Santo is here to save you. Maca Root is rich in Vitamin C and essential minerals to strengthen the surface immunity of the skin. It’s also pack in Anti-Bacterial properties for those with existing breakouts and cystic acne. Maca will help relieve any inflammation and diminish acne scars. This cleanser is also made with Sea Buckthorn oil and Marshmallow Root for high mineral content. These ingredients are perfect for acne and balancing oil production. Amazing for those with dry skin since it’s so hydrating and extremely brightening. This is a super gentle exfoliator. Those who have experienced Purple Reina Facial Scrub will notice that Santa Limpia is less exfoliating and more of a daily cleanser. This product is vegan. 2oz Expiration: Use within 3 months Sustainable Sourcing: The Palo Santo Oil sourced for this product is 80% Palo Santo Oil 20% Argan Oil dilute. Oil is sourced from Ecuador and is pressed from the Palo Santo tree fruit. The bark of the tree is not harmed in any way to supply this oil. It is completely sustainable. It is illegal to cut down Palo Santo trees in Ecuador as they are on the endangered species list.