Rose Plug

At Chakrubs
The Chakrub Rose Plug is made from 100% rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz vibrates at the same energetic magnitude as the feeling of love. Use this tool as a clitoral stimulator, massage tool, or anal plug. "The area surrounding our root chakra represents the primal, sensual, and creative level of our beings, and is the focus of intense magnetic attraction. Our butts contain an incredibly complex web of muscles and sensitive nerve endings with high energetic potential. With proper relaxation and stimulation of the root, we can trigger large muscle groups that help to realign the spine, cleanse the nervous system, and open Kundalini flow. Just as the sexual organs serve different functions at different times, so may the inner muscles and nerves within the root system serve for immense spiritual pleasure and transformation. The rings of muscle within the inner root opening (sphincters), and the prostate gland, contain highly sensitive nerve endings which can induce intense states of sensual excitement. Because of the complexity of the nerve network connected to the root, intimate, sensual massage in this area can lead to an extended, expansive, and deeply recalibrating experience, in which we may experience ecstatic full-body sensations and multiple cycle climaxes." Aumlovetantra Limited quantities available. Width: 1.25'' Height: 3''