Reusable Paper Towels 100% Bamboo – 32 Sheets

♻️ REUSABLE ♻️ Each of the 32 bamboo paper towel sheets is washable in cold water by hand and reusable from 50 to 80 times. One roll of our paper towels will last you the equivalent of 3 to 6 months of bulk single-use kitchen rolls ♻️ VERSATILE ♻️ Our reusable bambù kitchen towels are great for many situations, including small spills, floor spills, dusting, house cleaning, car cleaning, as napkins and more ♻️ PREMIUM QUALITY ♻️ Our reusable towels replace traditional paper towels. Each of the 32 perforated 10"x10" lint free bamboo is made of 100% Organic and Biodegradable Bamboo, without the addition of any synthetic material ♻️ ABSORBENT AND STRONG ♻️ This new generation bamboo towels can absorb more than a traditional paper towel. The towels stay strong and sturdy even after they are wet. Each time they are washed, they become softer and more absorbent ♻️ YOUR SUSTAINABLE CHOICE ♻️ Reusing our seventh plastic free paper towels will help reduce deforestation. Every day, 51,000 trees are required to meet the daily demand of single-use paper towels.