Writey Board

Reusable Foam Stick-on Planner

At The Grommet
Details Keep track of deadlines and to-do lists with this reusable stick-on planner—it’s a dry erase wall decal you can put up just about anywhere. The flexible foam core acts as a smooth writing surface (no bubbles or wrinkles) and the durable adhesive makes it easy to remove and reapply. Turns any surface into a dry erase canvas Flexible foam core creates smooth writing surface that won't conform to wall texture, allows WriteyBoard to stick to a wall without bubbles or wrinkles, and allows for easy removal Can be moved and repositioned multiple times. Durable restickable adhesive lasts for years and will not damage or leave a sticky residue on surfaces Stain-resistant dry erase canvas Great for dorms, apartments, or large office collaboration spaces Caution: Do not expose WriteyBoard to temperatures exceeding 85° Fahrenheit (~30° Celcius) while sticking it to a surface or stored in the travel tube Made in South Korea