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Reusable Dryer Sheets For Over 500 Loads

Tumbler Sheets are reusable dryer sheets that you put into your dryer with your wet clothes and linens. Tumbler Sheets are 100% Hypo allergenic and reusable over 500 times and chemical free. If you are looking for a laundry product that is safe for babies, sensitive skin and all types of clothing and linens, then Tumbler Sheets is for you. Tumbler Sheets are made using a patented process to eliminate static and soften your clothes without the use of waxy, harmful chemicals. As the Tumbler Sheets brush up against your clothes, they eliminate the static build up on your laundry. The result is static free clothing and linens that are not covered in chemicals. Your clothes will be cleaner and towels and linens will be softer without the waxy buildup that disposable dryer sheets use to control static. Tumbler Sheets are also a better option for your dryer (traditional or HE). The chemicals from disposable dryer sheets build up over time and can coat your dryer in a waxy film that can harm the sensors in your dryer. Tumbler Sheets are made from a polyester and nylon blend that will not harm your dryer in anyway. Tumbler Sheets are safe for you, your family, and your expensive dryer. The reviews from are in! "I am so thrilled to discover these, and after using them tonight, I definitely observed a decrease in static charge. I was very happy to witness the items that would normally cling together after drying, were in their respective places." "These reusable dryer sheets eliminate all static! I was impressed! They do a better job getting rid of the static, than my disposable Bounce dryer sheets ever did." "I highly recommend Echo Beach Tumbler Sheets to everyone and they are so needed for every household!! Thank you Echo Beach Products for selling such exceptional product!!"