Peace Out Skincare

Retinol Eye Stick

At Cult Beauty
Serum, but not as you know it. That's one way we'd describe Peace Out's Retinol Eye Stick. Another is: a supercharged serum-balm that takes on tired, maturing skin with helpings of encapsulated retinol, peptides and squalane to reveal firmer, smoother-looking under-eyes. If the windows to your soul are starting to show fine lines and wrinkles, this concentrated formula is here to help! It's powered by encapsulated retinol that releases gradually to gently refine and soften the look of wrinkles while promoting a smoother texture. Add the brand's power peptide complex into the mix and it supplies your skin with small chains of amino acids that help to visibly firm and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles while soothing and supporting the skin's natural barrier. There's also astaxanthin - an antioxidant-rich carotenoid that has been seen to 6000x stronger than vitamin C - to fend against environmental aggressors and foster a more radiant under-eye area. Finally, vegan squalane lends the formula its hydrating qualities to bestow a bouncy, glowing finish.