Resurrection Hand Wash 500ml

At LookFantastic
With its cacophony of complementary aromas and scents including lavender, orange, and rosemary, and a focus on delivering antibacterial protection, the Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash would be the perfect choice for anyone looking to ensure the protection of sensitive skin with a soothing balm. With so many environmental factors assaulting our skin on a daily basis, be it from temperature, weather or difficult working climates, it's so important to remember to give our hands the treatment they need to stay in top condition. The specially blended ingredients that make up the Resurrection Hand Wash have been designed to protect against drying or cracked skin. The rosemary helps defend the skin cells while acting as a disinfectant. Lavender makes for an ideal anti-inflammatory and also reduces irritation and redness, while the mandarin orange peel oil enforces action against blemishes. With its handy single pump dispenser, the Resurrection Hand Wash is the ideal buy for anyone looking to introduce a little pampering to their hand-washing routine while vitalizing and rejuvenating their skin.