Marc Jacobs Beauty

Remedy Concealer Pen

At Harvey Nichols
An all-in-one eraser, brightener and corrector to remedy the signs of ageing, dehydration and fatigue. The Remedy Concealer Pen is one of Marc Jacobs' favourite products and is the perfect fix for the sins of a carefree youth (or just the aftermath of last night). Formulated with advanced pigments, powerful antioxidants and Remedy Complex™ - a unique blend of hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients - this next-generation concealer brightens, hydrates and soothes the skin while providing the coverage you need for a fresh, bright-eyed finish. The patented palladium applicator cools on contact to reduce puffiness and one click is all it takes for the perfect amount of product. The two universal brightening and correcting shades flatter all skin tones, while the versatile shade range complements most skin tones. £100 per 10.00ml