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Relax A Lounger Aspen Recliner

At Walmart
The cool crisp air of Aspen has always been a destination getaway. Relax-A-Lounger has captured the look and feel of being in Aspen with their manual recliner. The Aspen features a push back reclining mode and foot extension that allows you to sit back, lay back, relax, and imagine the cool crisp mountain air and the picturesque scenery of the Rocky Mountains all in the comfort of your living space. The Aspen is packed with high-density foam with pocket coils to snuggle, cradle your body, and whisk away all the day’s stress. We added a convenient side pocket for your e-book or tablet so that you can continue reading your fav best seller or catch up with friends on social media. You can even recline all the way back, plug into your tablet and stream your favorite binge-worthy series. If you’re looking for a theatre experience, the Relax-A-Lounger Aspen is ideal as your own personal theatre chair just add the surround sound and the popcorn.