Refresh Ritual Box

At Need Supply
Ritual gift box from Daughters in collaboration with Willow & Oak, Pure and Native, House of Intuition and Leaves and Flowers. Carefully curated collection designed to refresh mind and brighten spirit. Handcrafted in California by female-powered businesses. Wooden gift box with silky bow and crinkled paper. Set includes: Anew Spray (1 fl. oz.): Boosts mood and dispels stagnant energy. Matcha Genmaicha (2 oz.): Boosts energy and promotes calm wakefulness and mental clarity. Botanical Clay Mask (2 oz.): Stimulates circulation, reduces skin inflammation and promotes skin vibrancy. Eucalyptus Facial Steam Cubes (2): Boosts mood, promotes positive energy and reduces inflammation of skin and mucous membranes. Palo Santo Bundle (5 sticks): Boosts mood and energy, reduces anxiety and negativity and stimulates creativity. • Mixed Materials • Made in USA / Imported NOTE: See sizing tab for ingredient information.