Refa Carat

At Saks Fifth Avenue
WHAT IT IS. ONLY AT SAKS. A platinum, waterproof 360° multi-angular dual roller with solar-powered microcurrent technology that fits over every detail of your face and body, helping tighten and tone the look of your skin. Weighs 6.7 oz. 3.75"W x 5.75"H x 2.5"D. ImportedWHAT IT DOES IT. Double Drainage* rollers grip and glide, replicating professional deep kneading manipulations to help firm and tighten your skin.* Drainage is a term that describes a technique performed by professional estheticians, and is not meant to express any effect the product has on your bodyHOW TO USE IT. Firmly grip the thickest part of the handle without covering the solar panel with your hand. Roll in both directions along the lines of your face and body, pulling up the areas where the skin is soft. Use on jawline, cheeks, neck, chest, underarms, waist, inner thighs and more.