Tattoo Care Aftercare

Redemption Organic Tattoo Lubricant, Barrier and Aftercare Redemption was developed specifically for tattoo artists. It is the first and only USDA certified petroleum replacement and can be used during and after a tattoo. Redemption looks and feels like petroleum based products, but it is 100% natural. Use Redemption during the tattoo process to soothe and afterwards to help aid in the healing process. The convenient flip top container is perfect to help care for your tattoo while on the go. Available in .25, 1, 6 oz Aftercare Specification: Perfect for on the go Used during the Tattoo Process and as Aftercare USDA organic, non-petroleum based Manufacturer: Redemption Petroleum and Chemical Free Soothes Redness and Swelling Helps prevent Infection Wont clog pores Easy to spread Will not remove stencils