Red Agloanema

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botanical name Aglaonema commutatum ‘Siam Aurora’ common names Red Aglaonema. Siam Aglaonema, Creta Chinese Evergreen, Red Chinese Evergreen full description The Red Aglaonema is a festive, easy to care for houseplant that will provide color to your home during the holidays and all year round. This aglaonema needs a bit more light than other varieties to produce the red and pink colors on its leaves. However, it is a very forgiving, low-maintenance plant making it a perfect gift for everyone on your list! The Aglaonema Red is native to the tropical regions of Asia and New Guinea and will do well in lower, normal household humidity, but will appreciate regular misting during the winter months. Product details Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil — saucer included All the tips and tricks for expert-level care Pot Size: Ecopots, 8" in diameter, 7" tall Plant size (including pot): 14"-22" tall, 12"-16" wide (including pot)