Recycled Cashmere Balaclava

At Pangaia
Like a soft hug you didn’t know you needed. Made for early mornings, late nights and everything in between. Our versatile and thermo-regulating Recycled Cashmere capsule offers classic styles to mix and match with your favorite wardrobe staples. This balaclava has a thicker fisherman rib knit, thin opening for the eyes and a pom pom on top. Because Recycled Cashmere is such a delicate natural fiber, it’s sometimes prone to bobbling or pilling after wear. Pilling will normally occur in areas exposed to friction, which causes the shorter Recycled Cashmere fibers to lift out of the surface and create small balls. Pilling can easily be removed by running a pilling comb over the area and will lessen over time after a few hand washes. **This product includes a Eon Circular ID. After your purchase, scan the QR code in the label to understand more about the circularity of your product.**