Sam Kahn

Queers And Queens Tarot

At Little Red Tarot
Description Important: Due to some bumps in transit, the paper tuck-boxes of these decks are a little damaged. The damage is minimal – a small bash to the corner, on some a small tear. Due to the nature of this deck (a queer community project), we have decided not to waste these decks, but have discounted by £2 and will include an organic cotton drawstring bag with every purchase. “We find guidance and comfort in tarot. We find guidance and comfort in our community. So we combined the two.” – Creator Sam Khan This deck is composed of 78 portraits of LGBT+ individuals, on their favorite color of the original pride flag, surrounded by flowers that represent the meaning of their card. Inspired by a conversation between the artist, Sam Kahn, and creator of the Explain to Me podcast, Bex Carlos, this deck showcases the faces of wonderful humans who identify within the LGBT+ community. All of the models were given the choice of color from the original Pride flag they identified with, as the cards to which they felt a connection. Each card is thoroughly focused on the individual and completed through the use of flowers and other plants that emphasize the important features of the card, all of which will be explained in an accompanying website. The intention of this project is to facilitate community and the deep sense of connection found both within the queer community and a good tarot reading. Let the queer culture be your grounding, your guiding light, and your future! The selection of models is inclusive of all people within the LGBT+ community! We hope that you can find belonging, safety, and love in this deck. In Queers and Queens, we wanted to emphasize the mutability of Tarot reading and foster community in both our models and the readers who use our deck. By using portraits of Queer Folx of different cultures and identities, we wanted our readers to connect and understand each card. To read our deck, simply look at the portrait on the card and picture the person sitting across from you. What is their truth? How