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PRE-SALE: Pure Molecule 32 Nightly will be available for purchase as a pre-sale with 15% off the first order. CHECKOUT CODE 32NIGHTLY (expires 5/12 // ships in 6 weeks) Renowned for innovative and result-based skin solutions, Georgia Louise has once again revolutionized the skincare industry, this time with a groundbreaking new category, so pure and potent, the only solution was to freeze it! Introducing PURE MOLECULE by Georgia Louise - the world’s latest generation of high-tech skincare in the form of a topical Freeze Dried Tablet.  The Pure Molecule launches with the 32 Nightly. An intensive protocol designed by Georgia Louise with four potent concentrations formulated to help restore, brighten,and rebuildhealthy glowing skin. The treatment starts with rehydrating the skin on week 1 with Hyaluronic Acid before rebuilding and strengthening with synthetic EGF on week 2. Next, comes Collagento build suppleness and even skin toneon week 3before finishingwith brightening and protecting on week 4 with Pure Vitamin C.    Each dose 0.001 oz (1 tablet) of Pure Molecule miraculously has the equivalent weight of up to five bottles of 30 ml, 2% hyaluronic acid serum. The Pure Molecule 32 Nightly includes: Week 1 Hyaluronic Acid x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Hydrate, plump and soften the appearance of fine lines  Week 2 Collagen + HA x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Nourish, firm and tighten Week 3 EGF + HA x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Heal, strengthen, and rebuild your skin Week 4 Vitamin C + HA x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Brighten, protect, and fight against free radical damage