Professional Nail Buffer Block

BASED ON A SACRED JAPANESE TRADITION - Upon years of research, we found a secret formula in Japan that has compelling healing benefits to our body. Those are the minerals from Japanese Hot Springs, which are the core value of every Onsen product. Those minerals with a combination of very carefully chosen ingredients activate the inner healing of the body and leave visible results in a short time. MINI MANI – Your nails are at risk of damage! Thanks to everything from water to chemicals in the air, soap, detergents, and nail polish – keep your nails healthy and looking great! With the help of the Hot Spring Minerals, this nail buffer block will activate the inner healing of your nails and will leave you speechless with the fast results. REMOVE STAINS – Nail polish and remover can leave a nasty lasting mark on your nails that’s both unhealthy and unappealing. This sanding block helps remove stains and smooth out ridges. Keep your nails clean and pristine with Onsen nail care products. SHINY NAIL GROWTH – Healthy hands start in the nail bed. By cleaning, buffing, and improving blood circulation, a well-treated nail bed will lead to healthy, shiny nail growth. Make our nail polisher buffer a staple for your daily nail care. 3 EASY STEPS – File. Smooth. Shine. It’s that easy! These three simple, fast, non-damaging steps are guaranteed to leave your nails dazzlingly beautiful once again. Give your natural nails a spa-like glow and treatment with this professional nail buffer.