Organic Chix

Powerful Natural Hand Sanitizer

STAY SAFE: Protect against germs without resorting to harmful toxins through proven antibacterial and antifungal defense blend. Organic Chix non-GMO proprietary blend is baby safe, food safe, kid safe, pet safe & skin safe! DEFEND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Organic Chix proprietary blend protects & defends against airborne germs to keep you healthy. INGREDIENTS YOU KNOW: Plant-based ingredients you can pronounce! Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Vitmain E & Organic Chix Proprietary Germ Defense Essential Oil Blend. No alcohol, industrial synthetic agents, harmful preservatives or binders. HANDMADE IN THE USA: Made in the USA from start to finish, Organic Chix is quality controlled every step of the process. Premium ingredients, ethically sourced, and supporting small eco-friendly business. INSTRUCTIONS: Step One - Spray on hands and rub in. Step Two - Enjoy! Be Clean, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe! Organic Chix believes in a simple idea: through high quality, natural ingredients, we can live a healthier, cleaner life, and leave a better world for those we love. Practice healthy living! It all started when Catherine Hix, founder and CEO, realized that the modern, industrial cleaning products sold by big-box corporations were impacting the quality of life in her home for her and her family. After looking at their endless ingredient lists of impossible-to-pronounce synthetic agents, Catherine decided it was time for a change. Reduce Your Toxic Load! Organic Chix's products mix simple naturally cleansing ingredients that you can actually pronounce to help you live a healthier life - finally, sanitizer that rids germs without relying on harmful synthetic toxins! Natural plant based ingredients work together in our proprietary blends to make sure our products do the hard work for you and leave your healthy and fit. Good For You + The Environment: Natural ingredients are good for the longevity of your health, your home and your clothing, and also the world! All of our products use non GMO, biodegradable ingredients. Help protect the natu