Furtuna Skin

Porte Per La Vitalita Face And Eye Serum

At Cult Beauty
Sure to bring unparalleled radiance to your skin, the Porte Per La Vitalita Face and Eye Serum combines face and eye care into one simple step – even if your skin is dry or sensitive. Totally safe for your eye area, this supercharged serum restores definition and bounce to slack, drab skin – shielding your precious complexion from environmental aggressors while minimising the look of blotchy, rough and uneven texture. Also parrying puffiness and unsolicited eye bags, this do-it-all concoction calls upon a proprietary, antioxidant-rich Splendore Anchusa Complex to block free radical damage via potent and nutrient-dense organic anchusa azurea, which is also known as ‘nature’s botox’ – no needles required! Wild organic chicory is also high in antioxidants – alongside vitamins and beta carotene – to visibly lift skin and encourage collagen synthesis. Plus, organic white nettle gets to work on soothing and reviving fatigued skin while toning and refining pores. Delivering an optimal balance of moisture to skin, this multitasking serum can even be used instead of an eye cream, all while enhancing and amplifying the power of any vitamin C in your routine.