Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

You Need To Do Is Add Several Drops Of Your Favorite Essential Oils To Release A Soothing Or Energizing Aroma Into Your Environment. MULTI-FUNCTION: ⭐Aroma Diffuser - adding essential oil into the device. Turn it on... Excellent Aromatherapy ⭐Fragrance Diffuser - adding perfume into the device. Turn it on... Enjoy the Delicate Scent ⭐Mosquito Repeller - adding mosquito repellent liquid into the device. Turn it on... Mosquitoes Gone Feature: ✧ This gadget doesn't produce mist, the ultrasonic system & diffusion system release the Aromatherapy/Fragrance/Repellent into the air. No messy sprays or oily lotions. no smoky or smelly candles. ✧ Compact, stylish, designed for any occasions- wireless, portable and lightweight that you can take with you on the go. ✧ 10 hours continuously working time, bring the magic and relaxation of essential oils into your surroundings. ✧ Let the natural aromas fill your vehicle, home or work area, give your home or office a relaxing ambiance.Instructions: 1. Open the shell and add essential oil - Spin the top cover to the end in a counterclockwise direction, and then pull it out 2. Close the shell - Spin the top cover in a clockwise direction 3. Turn on the device - Spin the top cover to the end in a clockwise direction 4. Turn off the device - Spin the top cover in a counterclockwise direction, when you hear a ''click'' sound Specification: 1. Product: iShell Portable Aroma Diffuser 2. Rated Input: DC5V 0.3A 3. Supply: Micro USB Cable (included) 4. Battery Capacity: 500mAh 5. Charging Time: 2h 6. Running Time: 10h 7. Size: 85*76*37.5mm 8. Weight: 63g Package Includes: 1 x iShell Portable Aroma Diffuser 1 x Micro USB Cable 1 x Mat Container Set (Mat + Container)2 x Replaceable Micro-Absorbing Fragrance Mat1 x User Manual