Portable Door Travel Lock

►Add Extra Portable Travel Door Lock, Defender you and Prevent Unauthorized Entry Winonly Portable travel security door lock guard your room safe. In addition to providing good quality security door lock ,we offer satisfied service and warranty on all our door lock to make sure that you could buy with confidence, we would try our best to solve the problem until you are satisfied . ► Add a Winonly Travel door lock to give your family more protection,which is also the great gift for family. Add a Portable lock to provide a layer of security and peace of mind ,while you're inside the room.It stops most doors from being opened without your permission from outside, even if someone has a key. ►Extra door lock - No Need to Nail or Screw into Anything Just put the medal part goes into the hole on the door jam then you close the door ,take the gun handle and insert into the lock in place, then no one could get in and in case of an emergency you could remove the lock in seconds in the dark! ►Portable Travel Door Lock - Easy to Carry in Your Pocket or Handbag. This is a very handy device to have when not at home. Use it on the front door of your home and take one with you when you travel.The travel door lock can be used when staying in a hotel, an AirBNB or any other short term rental. ► Let Winonly Portable Travel Door Lock Bring You a Nice Trip. 1)Strong - Heavy duty solid stainless steel 2)Small - Easy to carry in your purse or waist pack. 3)Fitting - Works on most (inward-opening) doors. 4)Easy - Easy to use and install /remove in seconds. ►The Portable Door Lock’s primary function is to prevent strangers from entering your room. It is good to use in any situation where you want the additional protection from someone entering your room with a master key while you are inside.