Pore Extractor Pomegranate Mask 50g

At FeelUnique
What we say When pores get blocked and clogged it’s enough to ruin your day, right? Because what follows does not make for a good skin day; breakouts, black heads and white heads - not okay! This mask is like a power hose and reduces clogged pores after just one use. Pomegranate, volcanic clay and polishing acids combine to provide a really thorough cleanse and clearer, more radiant skin. Keep this in your bathroom for those bad skin days, we urge you! Get a deep pore cleanout with this pink mask, powered by Pomegranate Extract! Intensive clay pore mask rescues clogged pores after just one use. Polylactic Acid polishing beads lift and exfoliate dead skin cells, Volcanic Clay acts like a magnet to help extract impurities from deep within pores and Pomegranate Extract promotes glowing skin for visibly refined pores, and cleaner, smoother skin. Solution for: - Blackheads - Enlarged or Clogged Pores - T-Zone Shine Gluten-free and Paraben-free.