Pokemon Oak’s Lab 3d

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-------Coupon Limited Time Only ------- ******Buy any 3 Cubes get 1 free of your choice.******** ------message me to apply it to order.------ If you would like to see more art cubes visit Every journey begins with a choice. Which starter is it going to be? Now this adorable little 1st Gen Pokemon scene can be yours to own! This (once 2D) scene has been meticulously recreated and brought to life in the third dimension for your viewing pleasure! Perfect for filling up a spot in your display case or sitting right beside you on your gaming desk! ★ INFO - Every object and character contained within the cubes have been cut out with pixel-perfect precision! They look JUST like the game jumped up out of the screen and sprung to life! - These 3D Dioramas are designed with the intention of being viewed either directly head-on or from a slightly elevated frontal position for the best 3D effect. Not recommended to display cube from the bottom, side, or back or else the illusion will be lost. ★ SIZE - Each cube is a 3.5x3.5x3.5 inch plastic cube, equal on all sides. ★ SHIPPING - The 3D Diorama Cubes are each packaged and hold them in place during shipping and to reduce the likelihood of the cubes becoming cracked or damaged during the shipping process. - Each individual component has also been anchored down in place via tabs and then secured with glue to ensure nothing comes loose during shipping! - Most orders will arrive a week or less after being mailed within the US. ★ CONTACT - I check my Etsy messages once a day; it's the best way to reach me if you have any questions or concerns. * Dioramas may have slight imperfections due to the fact they are 100% handmade. Each cube is contained within a 3.5inch plastic photo cube that may have slight imperfections in the casing from the factories production. The actual color of these of the images within may differ slightly in person due to screen calibrations.