Pocket Wine Aerator

AERATION ON THE GO: You'll surely enjoy your pocket aerator at home, but you love how you can take it with you anywhere! Take it along to a bar or restaurant, to soirees or take it camping, on picnics and BBQs. Make every glass and bottle better. AERATE A GLASS OF WINE IN SECONDS: This cool battery operated single-glass aerator is a wine lover's dream. With its three preset modes, one each for white, red and port wines, it aerates a glass of wine in 15-45 seconds with the push of a button. THE BEST A WINE CAN GET: Enjoy the full flavor in every glass with the push of a button. Tiny bubbles of oxygen are rapidly infused into the wine, releasing its tertiary aroma and enriching its flavor and finish. Makes cheap wine taste expensive! A GAME CHANGER: This unique gadget is so innovative it has been awarded a US Design and Utility Patent. While decanters can take hours to aerate wine and spout aerators are messy and unreliable, this one revolutionizes aeration. You deserve the best! LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: You will receive one (1) Pocket Wine Aerator measuring 6 inches long, 1 inch tall and 1.25 inches wide - weighs just 3 ounces. 2 AAA batteries included. Backed by Epare Limited Lifetime Warranty.