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Plush Eyeshadow Brush 240

At Fenty Beauty
FULL FLUFFY SHAPE. EASY ALL-OVER SHADING. Give it to me quick: An ultra plush, fluffy eyeshadow brush designed for easy, all-over application and flawless blending. Tell me more: Meet Fenty Beauty’s biggest, fluffiest eye brush yet. The Plush Eyeshadow Brush 240 was made to quickly sweep across your entire lid and blend shadows for an instant soft-focus effect. Expertly designed with super-soft synthetic bristles, this fluffy brush evenly lays down and diffuses pigments, with a loose, full tip that washes color over your entire lid and seamlessly blends bold eye looks. Buff it in: Pair with your favorite shadow for all-over color or use without pigment to blend away harsh lines in the blink of an eye. Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.