Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny 6053 4 Count Recycle A Plastic Bottle Stake Set

Recycling plastic bottles is not only good for the environment- it's also great for plants. Use any major brand plastic bottles paired with our Recycle a Plastic Bottle Plant Nanny Stake as a great way to water plants day-to-day, and the perfect solution to keep plants watered while on vacation. As the soil dries, our terracotta stake slowly releases water from the reservoir deep into the soil and directly to the root system. Plants grow healthier by getting consistent moisture where it's most needed. Pre-moisten the soil and gently insert the terracotta stake near the center of the plant. The carefully-designed shape of the stake allows it to be inserted into the soil without damaging the plant's root system. Fill a plastic bottle with water and screw on the adapter. Place a finger over the release port, turn the bottle over and insert the adaptor end into the stake. Know at a glance when to refill the plastic bottle by observing the amount of water remaining in the plastic bottle reservoir. • Stake is approximately 5" high • Includes a screw-on adapter with a sealing washer to create a vacuum seal • Uses a recycled plastic bottle (up to 2 liters) as a reservoir (not included)