Rainbow Socks

Pickles Jar Socks

80% cotton 17% polyamide 3% elastan ORIGINAL GIFT - Jar by Rainbow Socks is an original concept of socks with a design resembling pickles stored in household jars. Our idea was to create ultra colorful socks that are comfortable and of the highest quality closed in a form that the world hadn't seen yet. Owing to that, we were able to create an original and ready to hand gift. Interestingly, we use plastic jars which are already an original concept in itself. :D PRODUCED IN EUROPE - both the socks and the jars made of solid plastic were produced in Europe. Highest quality and an original form are our top priorities. We are proud that our socks are produced in a small local production plant where the quality of production process is a point of honor. We aren't and we don't want to be a competition for the cheap Asian socks - when wearing Rainbow Socks, you can be sure that they are of the highest quality. INTERESTING COLORFUL PATTERNS - our first line of Jar by Rainbow Socks is characterized by ultra colorful patterns - yellow lemons in brine, green pea with orange carrot, green pickles, and red and green peppers. Each jar contains two rolled-up pairs of different socks - one pattern is visible from outside and one pair is rolled-up inside the jar. TOP QUALITY - we use only certified OEKO-TEX yarn to produce our socks. The production that is localized in the EU guarantees that the process is conducted in compliance with all production and quality norms. Our socks comprise 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane so that they are optimally elastic and comfortable for our feet. We produce socks in two sizes: US 5.5-9 EU 36-40 and US 9.5-13 EU 41-46. RAINBOW SOCKS - a European brand with global aspirations started by a young married couple who loves colorful socks. Our products are available in 30 countries around the world, including Western and Central Europe and the USA. We operate almost exclusively in e-commerce, and Amazon is an extraordinary platform helping us to fulfill our dreams and to develop dynami