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Pekee Bar

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What it is: A gentle, multi-tasking bar that cleanses, tones and moisturizes leaving the complexion perfectly balanced, soft and supple. What it is formulated to do: In a league of its own, The Pekee Bar™ clarifies, balances and moisturizes, while rinsing away pore-clogging surface debris, impurities and excess oil. Infused with a blend of blueberry extract, marula oil and honey, the Pekee Bar™ tones and promotes moisture retention, while improving the feel of elasticity and firmness. The Pekee Bar™ is totally fragrance- and soap-free and formulated with only skin-friendly ingredients designed to cleanse and calm the skin. What else you need to know: Unlike soap, which has a pH level of 9 or above, Pekee has an ideal pH level of 6.51, ensuring sufficient cleansing without drying or stripping the skin of its protective barrier. Cruelty-free. Consumer testing results: 96% agreed skin was thoroughly cleansed 92% agreed skin was clean of all makeup 85% agreed skin felt soft and smooth 84% found skin was firmer and more balanced 81% found Pekee Bar™ was calming and soothing 81% agreed skin appeared more youthful *in an independent consumer testing panel of 101 women ages 25 to 55