Peach-shaped Glass Pipes

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This sweet little peach shaped pipe is adorable to have on display, as well as fun to hold in your hand. Made with only the finest high-quality Borosilicate glass in 4 Peachy, cute colors! The carefully formed Green or Mint leaf adds the perfect touch to this juicy little piece. Each Peach Glass pipe is handmade by Michael Sorenson and has been beloved by many since 2006. Cute Booty gift for the Farm Girl, Georgia Peach or Sweet and Juicy Pipe Smoker! This Unique Glass piece measures about 2.75-3 inches long and about 2.5 inches inches in diameter. Please note that there may be slight variations in color and shaping, as each item is hand made to order. I offer 4 color options. (see photos for color labeling): *The "Blush Peach" is colored like the brazen flush of a soft and fuzzy peach skin; darker pinkish-orange-peach colored with a green leaf * The "Creme de Peche" is a perfectly creamy light orange-based peach color reminiscent of peach liqueur poured over French vanilla ice cream, and a green leaf *The "Pink Peach" is a creamy medium pink and a mint leaf *The "Snow Peach" is a white pastel pink with a mint-colored leaf (looks whiter in the photos than it is- it's a whitish with a pink hue) Must be 21+ to purchase See more of my work at ~ORDER PROCESSING OPTIONS have been streamlined into the order process. Instead of adding a separate post, you can now select the following options in the item selection process: •General Order Processing (up to 14 days)- Free •3-5 Day Order Processing - $5 •24-hour/Business Day Order Processing $10 •'Upgraded Added (>2)= 3-5 day or 24-hour upgrades cover up to 2 items. Use this when one of these upgrades has already been applied to the order (One upgrade needed for every 2 items in the order). All glass items are custom hand crafted to order by my own hands in a wait-list fashion and I schedule generally ordered pieces to process through my list within 14 days. I work very hard to process all orders as quickly as possible, but give this as my standard maximum estimate. I understand that some people may need to receive their order by a certain date, and need prioritized order scheduling. Out of fairness to others in my cue, and to myself (I'm only of human ability), I have designed this system to allow a 'sliding scale' set of options for processing to address everyone's varying needs. Processing upgrades are 'guaranteed'- if I fail for some reason to ship within that designated time-frame, I will refund the upgrade fee, plus 5% of the item cost. General order processing is not guaranteed. 🔹Processing upgrades are different than Postal (Mail) upgrades, and only cover the time between the order placement and being marked 'shipped' Rate this description Did you find the above description useful? Let Etsy know.