Peace Out Skincare

Peace Out Wrinkles

At Cult Beauty
They may not actually be able to turn back time but these Peace Out Wrinkle patches do a darn good job of faking it; powered by patented microneedling technology, they sink into the top layer of your skin to create tiny pathways to effectively deliver the age-defying active ingredients. Designed to gradually diminish the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, these innovative treatments feature 450(!) dissolving microneedles that gently create tiny pathways of delivery into your skin to help smooth the look of crow's feet, smile lines and forehead frown lines. As for the youth-prolonging formula, it's powered by industry favourite retinol to promote a smooth, even texture; vitamin C to visibly brighten your tone and stimulate collagen production; a seven-peptide blend to strengthen and support your skin for a supple finish; and, finally, hyaluronic acid to boost moisture levels (take that dehydration lines!).