Peace Out Skincare

Peace Out Pores

At Cult Beauty
A selection of four nose strips and four pore strips, this Peace Out Pores kit is the ultimate investment for anyone that wants to press pores on congested skin. Fusing the healing capabilities of their patent-pending hydrocolloid polymer technology with a cocktail of clarifying ingredients, these oil-absorbing strips get to work over four-six hours to lift away impurities and diminish the visibility of your pores. The hydrocolloid patches are infused with pore-purifying ingredients but beyond acting as a delivery system, they also help to extract excess sebum, impurities, dead skin cells and bacteria, while forming a protective layer from external aggressors—so your skin can get cracking on clearing up. As for the ingredients, there's DMAE (its friends call it dimethylethanolamine, and it's thought of as an anti-inflammatory compound) to help diminish the appearance of visible pores, plus vitamin A to refine your skin texture and prevent future congestion. The results? Smoother, clearer-looking skin!