Peace Lily Air Purifying Plant

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- Peace Lily (Spathifyllum) The Peace Lily is a great starter plant for anyone that wants to have a plant that is easy to maintain and is also one of the best air-purifying plants that you can have in your home. - Air Purifying Plant A recent NASA-study that came out topped this plant as one of the best purifiers that we can have indoors. The Peace Lily with its beautiful flowers and leaves removes Benzene which can be naturally given off by gasoline, paint, rubber, tobacco smoke, detergent, and a variety of synthetic fibers. It also Removes another bad chemical that is called Trichloroethylene and can be found in paint, glue and other similar products. This plant is great for your house or your workplace and can be given as the perfect gift for anyone that would want a cleaner space and a more fuller greener environment. - Size The Plant that we ship out from our Nursery is approx 12-18" tall. Please note that the Peace Lily does not flower year around. Unless if you are situated in a warmer climate and in that case usually the flowers tend to bloom more often. The flowers bloom out in springtime and fall and usually last for about 2 months. - Peace Lily Plant Care The Peace Lily is fairly easy to take care of as long as you water consistently. Make sure the soil is moist and be careful so as not to over or under-water it. The best way of doing this is to check often for dryness. - Sunlight/Placement Peace Lillies prefer indirect sunlight often close to windows. This allows the peace lily to bloom as well. - Ceramic Container - High-Quality Ceramic Pot 5.5" A white ceramic pot that goes perfectly with our natural wood stand. - Handmade Wooden Stand - Natural Pine Wood Stand 6" Mid-century style wooden stand for a beautiful finish in your home/office. The stand is handmade by us and is made of natural pine wood. It can be placed with short legs or the other way where the long legs make it taller. - Self- Watering Pot 6" You have the option to add a high-quality self-watering pot to your plant. The self-watering pot is great in keeping the roots from overwatering and root rot. The water collects in the bottom and keeps the soil from becoming soggy. This way the plant can pick up water more evenly. - Container for Peace Lily Note: Please note that the pot is not included in the price with just the peace lily plant. Rate this description Did you find the above description useful? Let Etsy know.