Onepwr Blade+ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Featuring dual cyclonic DustVault Technology; Captures 99% of dust and fine particles with No Loss of Suction for continuous cleaning Completely removable dirt cup makes emptying easy Multi-Surface Brush Roll is engineered for optimal cleaning performance on carpet and hard floors DustTracker LED Headlights make it easy to see the dirt ahead of you Fingertip controls allow you to easily change settings to optimize your clean on all floor types The HOOVER ONEPWR Blade is a cordless powerhouse that delivers the freedom and versatility you need to clean anywhere, any time. Powered by our exclusive ONEPWR Lithium-Ion battery, you can now clean longer, charge up faster and maintain full power for a continuous clean from start to finish. Equipped with the exclusive dual cyclonic DustVault System, Blade captures 99% of dust and fine particles with No Loss of Suction. Plus, The HOOVER ONEPWR Blade is designed with a completely removable dirt cup that makes clean-up even easier. With the push of a button, customizing your clean is a breeze with Eco Mode and the Multi-Surface Brush Roll that’s engineered for optimal cleaning performance on any floor type. If you are riding a bicycle that is just a bit too small or too large, don’t worry, you can still get a proper fit by making a few small adjustments-Move your bike saddle forward or back to adjust your hip position when sitting down. Buy a longer or shorter stem to adjust the reach to your handlebars, or the angle at which your handlebars sit. Buy a different bicycle seat post: you can adjust the height with a longer, or shorter seat post. They also make posts with different amounts of offset forward and back to help adjust your position on the bike. Give it time. Sometimes a new bike or position (due to frame geometry) can take some time to get used to.