obVus Solutions

Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand

WIRED Rated As the Best Overall Laptop Stand to Save Your Neck Quickly Change from sitting to standing, improving your posture and comfort, reducing back and neck pain and helping to improve your overall health. Ergonomic Design - Easy to set ideal level for sitting or standing. Customizable in height, angle and distance to secure the perfect fit for your needs. Solid Build and Portable - Provides a stable platform for all laptops and convenience when on the go. Fully convertible from 2.1" to 21". Fits laptops from 10 to 17 inches. Ergonomic Design - Adjustable height and angle tilt allows for maximum visual, neck and back comfort. Maintaining eye-level is a key metric when setting up your workspace helping to improve posture and help reduce neck and back pain. Ergonomic Flexibility - Whether changing from a sitting to standing position or moving to a completely different desk or workspace, the obVus Solutions Laptop Tower ensures proper desk set up. It transform your workspace instantaneously to adapt to your ergonomic needs. This allows you to frequently move and change positions, which is highly recommended for proper work ergonomics. Sitting to Stand Up Desk in less than a minute - Standup desks easily run in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, aren't portable and changing height can be difficult. Our adjustable stand allows you to adjust the height of your laptop from 2" to 21", is portable and sets up in just seconds. Heat dissipation - Aluminum build and ventilation design reduces laptop overheating, improving functionality and reliability. Extended Range of Motion - This laptop stand can raise your laptop screen height from 2.1" to 21",most laptop stands don't even meet minimal height recommendations.